Testdriving Bitcasa | Quick & Dirty Review

Couple of weeks from today, I opted to test Bitcasa, reading through various high profile sites such as TechCrunch.com, afterdawn.com I felt I should try this.


Day 1, I get an invite via a linked-in post from one of my connections and I sign-up on their site. They want me to sign up and share on facebook or tweet. However, no linkedin :(. Well, I try not sharing it on either and wait and see what happens.

Day 2 – nothing happens.

Day 3 – I try logging in and sharing bitcasa on my facebook
Day 3 – Within few hours I get an email from bitacasa.
Note – I have been using MAC all along till now.
Day 3 – I Install the DMG on my Mac and wallah I see i can Cloudify and feel the enormous space I have. So I share my documents folder, feeling good.

Day 4 – I wanted to see if I connect and share my data on my Windows XP PC. I install the windows version of the program. I get an error, Bitcasa requires Windows NT 5.1 or more to work on PC.
That feels awful.

Conclusion –
1. Works ok for MAC.
2. Still a long way to go.
3. Good Concept and love the idea.
4. Data Security needs to be tightened.

Bottom line…I am using it for Mac and its still working on Day 7.

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